Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am the President of the Taps Fan Club!

Taps and Simba trying to make a fire at home!  I love these guys!

I love this kid!  Whether he is ministering to the kids where he grew up at St. Josephs, playing with the little ones at Harare Children's Home, messing around with his best friend Simba at home, singing to kids at a school or old people in a retirement community or even revealing his song to gigantic crowds of people with Joyce Meyer and Hillsong, he brings joy to this nation as soon as he steps off the plane.

I miss him so very much when he is not here, but he inspires me with the courage and humility in which he chases after his dreams.  Taps really is one of a kind!

The cake we had made for a surprise party for Taps and the guys at St. Joe's. I think he was overwhelmed with the reception he got when he walked in the room!

Rehearsing with a class of kids before they sang at their school's assembly. They had planned to sing "We are the World" and asked Taps to join them.  He also sang Africa for them!  Here he was giving them a private "concert".  They all fell in love with him!

Serenading the old folks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Longing for the kitchen...

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate your prayers! I have been living in Harare since April, when I returned to Zimbabwe and it's been a bigger adjustment that I anticipated!  I miss Vic Falls terribly (the people, my old house, the weather, the high density and especially the magnificent falls).

In Harare, I have been staying in Borrowdale (a wealthy suburb) with an amazing family.  You have all heard me talk about Sue and Graham Williams and their amazingly beautiful and special daughter, Asher.  When I used to visit Harare, I would stay with the Williams family and their beautiful home has become a sanctuary for me.  But, now that I am living here something is not sitting well with me.  I have avoided that typical "missionary" picture that we see in Africa, where white missionaries come from the western world and somehow manage to live a similar lifestyle to what they left behind.  I have been very intentional about living in the high density, so that I can understand the lifestyle of the majority of Zimbabweans and to help immerse myself in the culture more quickly.

I am hoping to find a situation in Harare similar to the one that I had in Vic Falls.  When I first moved to Vic Falls, I lived with Bheki and Jannet--in their kitchen!  Some days I thought I would never survive, but I did, we all did and those first 18 months are the most special memories I have of my time in Zimbabwe.  I don't necessarily want to move back into a kitchen, but a bedroom in the home of a Christian family in one of the high density of Harare would be amazing!  Please pray that God will provide a home and a family for me soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Joyce Meyer

This was a HUGE weekend for the nation of Zimbabwe.

Joyce Meyer brought an amazing lineup of pastors to share with us and they even braced the very difficult subject of RACE RELATIONS!!!! I was so excited! I think that this is going to be one of the moments that we look back on years from now with a united, integrated church and say, 'WOW! That's where it started!'  I feel so blessed to be a part of this weekend!

Darlene Zschech and Hillsong were here for worship and it was AMAZING.  I can honestly say that at this point in time, the only thing better than Hillsong worship in Sydney... is Hillsong worship in Harare! They had an amazing time, the church had an amazing time and I know that God must have REALLY enjoyed it as well!

My all time favorite moment of the whole weekend...well actually there are two, are:
1.  After one of the day sessions, going to a prison with Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hillsong and hearing Joyce minister to the inmates.  Darlene at one point got up and sang Amazing Grace ACAPELLA and even as I type this I am getting goose bumps.  It was the most amazing thing, standing behind her staring into the faces of some of the most forgotten men in Zimbabwe as her voice ministered to them.  I think that years from now I will still remember that experience.  As one of only 3 people invited to come that weren't a part of their team, I know that this experience was a gift from God.

2. Taps on stage singing his song, 'Africa' for 100,000 people in an open field as Hillsong stood in the wings of the stage.  Even though less than 10 people had heard the song before, everyone joined in singing, "Africa, Africa" and I watched as one of the guys from Hillsong said to the head of Joyce Meyer Minstries, "You mean WE have to go on after THAT?" Again, 20 years from now when I am bragging about Taps  after he wins yet another Grammy, I will still be telling the story of this weekend!