Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year from the Chari Family

Dear friends and family,

We have had a wonderfully busy Christmas and New Year season celebrating with our recovery community and children in several orphanages. 

If you would like to read more about that and a prayer request for a special child who was hospitalized for effects of malnutrition, please click here to see our newsletter!

I have included a picture of our kiddos with Santa so you can see how they have grown! Vivi wasn't sure about the whole Santa thing, but Ru tried hard to convince her he was a friend.  Both girls preferred the birthday parties for Jesus that we hosted at several local orphanages (especially because there was cake involved!)

This week we also brought home our "mobile office"-- the camper that many of you helped us to purchase! We look forward to transforming it into a fun, save, dedicated space for children to process their emotions! Watch out for more updates about that!

We hope that you enjoyed your Christmas and were surrounded by loved ones.  Makoroto Egore Idzva (Happy New Year) from our family in Zimbabwe to yours!


P.S. Our work here continues to be funded through the generous donations of our friends and family. If you are still making those last minute end of the year donations and want to consider giving towards our ministry, you can do that here!