Tuesday, August 14, 2018

First Days

Today was our first day of our new session of Child Trauma Training. First days are always a bit chaotic with the host site having to find a new routine, I have to figure out all the quirks of a new place outside of my  everyday role and all of our trainees have a new routine too!

They are always so nervous on the first day. I love watching them come into the classroom unsure of me, this, all of it.

We start  with  introductions in a way that is totally out of their comfort zone and by the end of the first day they are laughing and building friendships. 

These are the best kinds of first days. Where the "teacher's" job is to literally build a community of mutual care, healing and hope. Thats's my task. When I read those words I think, "How did I become the luckiest girl on the planet?" 

It's because of you. The people who have prayed, supported, encouraged and donated. You have given me the best life. It's not an easy, safe, comfortable life the majority of the time but wow is it exactly what I would have chosen for myself if I understood the desires of my heart as much as God does. 

With love from ZAMBIA this time,