Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Independence Day

I celebrated April 18, Zimbabwe's Independance Day, a little differently than I have in the past couple of years... and certainly different that most Zimbabweans.

The Williams' (the family that I stay with when I visit the capital city, Harare) invited me to join them for the holiday weekend. They were going to Bulawayo, or so they told me.

As we arrived we checked into Camp Amalinda I was overwhelmed with what the Williams' were blessing me with. A 5 night holiday in a beautiful safari camp. We were surrounded by bush and the gigantic granite wonderland of the Matopos.

We spent the entire time lounging by the pool, rock climbing (yes Lori, I said ROCK CLIMBING), hiking, and eating amazing food.

I had a fabulous time. I am constantly overwhelmed with how much i love Zimbabwe. This place has captured me.

I know that i did not have the same experience of most of the zimbaweans I know on Independence Day, most of the people I know live in the high density and their salaries buy cooking oil, mealie meal and maybe a little more. The cost of public transportation to bulawayo from the falls for one person would be more than half of a salary. I am grateful for what I am given, but I did spend the weekend in the bush praying for the future of this place.

I love Zimbabwe. I don't know where this journey is taking us, but I know one thing for sure, God (not man) is in control.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to touch base because i haven't had internet for a few days, and i have too many emails to respond to in the fewm inutes that my friend is letting me use his office.

I am in Harare. That is the capital of Zimbabwe, and yes the news you are hearing is hectic, but I am safe.

There has been no announcement of the presidential election yet, but how exciting... this really is history in the making! The mood here is amazing, people are calm and quiet and everything is going on as normal.

Spiritually speaking, there is an electric feeling here and I know that God is moving!

I have exciting news as well regarding my journey to becoming a resident, however I will share that later... all I can say, is keep praying. On friday I went in for an interview and my work permit was denied. However over the weekend and on Monday I experienced a miracle and i believe there is something amazing happening!!

I have had some great meetings with some of the boys and I am telling you, as our program is developing, I am more and more honored everyday to be a part of something God is doing!!!
I love and miss you all, thanks for your prayers!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Because you are all asking...


You are all emailing to ask, so I am gonna post this.

The internet has been too slow to update my other blog, but I will try to get it up to date soon!

Yes, I am back in Zimbabwe.

Things are very quiet.

No violence, no disturbances, just life as normal.

They have not announced the president. They are still working on announcing the other election results. Last Sat people voted in 4 different categories and it is taking long to announce.

I have been reading the articles that you are all sending, and this is all I can say. In any major new story, there must be a story that keeps going from the first day to the last. We have not gotten to the last day, it has not been officially announced. People still need something to report.

At least from what i have seen, life has gone on. People want to know who their president is, but it is not the most important thing on the mind of the people. Remember this is still one of the worst economies in the world, many people just want to know how to feed their kids tonight.

Spiritually, I will say that the mood here is electric. God is really moving. I can feel it, it is amazing. I am so blessed to be here right now. I don’t know what is happening, but it is happening.

Keep praying!