Saturday, February 6, 2010


(Noah reading to me!)

This year, I was so blessed. I was able to spend almost a month visiting my family.  Here are some fun pics from that month.  There are too many funny stories to tell, but all in all it was so great to be able to spend time with my grandma, my dad, Jimmy (my brother), Noah (my 8 year old cousin), Jaylin (my 5 year old neice), Aunt cricket, Aunt Sissy and Aunt Laura... along with all of my extended family as well!  I ate a lot of food (coney dogs, white castle and lots of home-made meals) played in the snow and played a lot of Wii, and had lots of great conversations-some with laughter and some with tears!

People used to ask what it was like to give up so much to live in Zimbabwe.  The physical sacrifice has been immense, to live without my normal diet, environment and possessions has been a learning experience.  At this point I rarely think about those things as a sacrifice anymore, however I doubt that there will come a day when the relational sacrifice doesn't hurt.  To  be so far away from friends and family is difficult, but for me, i have to think it is worth it to be able to serve God in such a way.

Noah & Grandma playing Wii
Aunt Cricket

Jaylin at our valentines day sleepover
Grandma and I are both in this "tent" with
her while we read our valentines!

Noah wanting to show the kids in Africa what snow looks like!

Me making snow angels in the driveway!