Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure

I had a great day with an amazing woman today.  Sharon started a Christian school years ago, when she couldn't find a school to send her children to.  Cornerstone Community School is a wonderful program that incorporates classroom time with a home schooling component and teaches parents how to parent in a godly way with a program Sharon designed called Training Hearts for Jesus.

I met Sharon when I was looking for a parenting curriculum to use in Zimbabwe and was so frustrated that I couldn't find one that was rooted in the Word that would be able to work to meet our needs.  I found Training Hearts and then met Sharon.  We have become friends and has been such an encouragement and blessing in my life!

Today I got to spend the morning at her school and was so blessed to (once again) see how beautiful it is when parents parent and teachers teach, all while loving the Lord and teaching their children to do the same!

I am waiting on God.  My heart wants to return to Zimbabwe, but I know that I am being delayed for a reason.  I am trying to trust Him in every moment, knowing that His timing is perfect! Days like today make waiting a little bit easier!

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